Ultimate Survival World

The server starts on Nov 26.



  1. If you don't have Java Minecraft already, you'll have to buy it. Minecraft: Java Edition
  2. If you don't have Java 17 on your computer already, install it. You'll need Java 17 specifically. There are older and newer versions you may have installed already which will not work.
  3. Install Multi MC
  4. Start a new Minecraft instance in MultiMC, specifying version 1.19.2.
  5. Click Edit Instance. Click Install Forge. Follow the prompts.
  6. Download Mod Pack 1.0, unzip, and drag all of the resulting .jar files into the Loader Mods page of that instance.
  7. Download Mod Pack 2 - 1.0 and install like the one above.
  8. Start up the instance you made.
  9. Click Multiplayer, Add Server. Type qbaum.net in Server Address.
  10. Click Join Server